Payroll Services

Nanny Paye


We are Proud to annouce a partnership with NannyPaye. The best Payroll service in the UK for domestic staff.


What they cover for you :

  • Your new employee by observing employment law
  • HM Revenue & Customs by registering, calculating, reporting and paying taxes
  • The Pensions Regulator by opening and offering/enrolling your nanny into a pension scheme
  • Providing an employment contract
  • Registering with HMRC as an employer
  • Running payroll and reporting to HMRC via the RTI system
  • Opening a pension scheme and assessing your employee’s eligibility
  • Reporting to the Pensions Regulator via a Declaration of Compliance
  • Paying taxes to HMRC every quarter along with Student Loans, AEO’s and other items that may crop up
  • Paying pension contributions to the provider each week or month
  • Navigating employment law (easier than you may think to get in trouble here)


Their year-round payroll services start at £179.99. With the Reference French Nanny Agency UK you will receive a £ 25 discount.

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