Un Matin Français

Un Matin Français: London’s Bilingual School for Francophone Children

Un Matin FrancaisAt French Nanny Agency UK, we take pride in introducing Un Matin Français, an exceptional school located in North London. This school, a member of the Parapluie FLAM association, plays a vital role in the lives of Francophone families with children in the British education system. Un Matin Français is committed to honing children’s French language skills while preserving their precious Francophone culture.

Easy Accessibility

Un Matin Français is conveniently situated at Walker Primary School, The Green, Waterfall Rd, Southgate N14 7EG. You’ll find it easily accessible via public transportation, being close to Palmers Green station, Southgate Underground, and served by bus lines 121, 299, 616, and W6. Furthermore, free parking is available nearby for your convenience.

An Exceptional School for All Ages

Un Matin Français welcomes over 90 children aged 3 to 16 every Saturday morning. Their goal is to enhance bilingualism and foster a sense of belonging within a dynamic Francophone community. If you’re seeking a high-quality bilingual education for your children, Un Matin Français is the ideal choice.

Preparation for Prestigious Diplomas

Beyond language instruction, Un Matin Français prepares students for prestigious GCSE and DELF diplomas, opening doors to bright academic and professional futures.

A Promising Start for the Little Ones

Even the youngest children have a place at Un Matin Français with a dedicated club for babies and children under 3 years old. Provide your children with an early immersion in the French language and culture.

Enriching Cultural Events

Un Matin Français goes beyond traditional classes. The school regularly organises theater classes, shows, and concerts in French, enhancing the educational experience of its students.

Community Engagement

Un Matin Français is a non-profit organisation (Registered Charity Number 1165895). It plays a central role in the Francophone community of Enfield and Barnet by organising cultural and social events to strengthen bonds among Francophone families.

Membership in Esteemed Associations

As a member of the Parapluie FLAM association and the NRCSE, Un Matin Français is recognized within the Francophone education community in the UK. It also receives financial support from the Agence pour l’Enseignement du Français à l’Étranger.

Innovative Pedagogy

The pedagogical approach at Un Matin Français is dedicated to making French learning as fun and engaging as possible. Courses are designed in line with the French national education system and tailored to the specific needs of bilingual children educated in England.

Small Class Sizes

Intentionally keeping class sizes small, Un Matin Français offers instruction solely in French by qualified and experienced teachers, supported by teaching assistants. Small class sizes encourage children to express themselves orally and interact with adults.

Dedicated and Qualified Team

The Un Matin Français team, including a director, a pedagogical coordinator, an accountant, seven teachers, and five teaching assistants, all share a common passion for teaching French. All team members undergo criminal background checks, ensuring a secure environment for the children.

Expert Oversight

A committee of four trustees oversees and supports the team to ensure the school fulfills its mission.

In Conclusion

At French Nanny Agency UK, we believe in the importance of preserving the French language and culture in children. Un Matin Français is an invaluable partner in this mission. Discover how this outstanding school positively influences the lives of children and families beyond its walls. Join us for an unforgettable educational journey by visiting the Un Matin Français website: https://www.unmatinfrancais.co.uk

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