French Nanny Agency UK offers two different recruitment services. One for £750, free replacement guaranteed for a period of 16 weeks or £950, free replacement guaranteed for a period of 28 weeks.

“We don’t charge a percentage of the Nannies annual salary because we want to treat every family the same.”

The fees above are only charged to the families upon a job offer made and accepted by one of our candidates.

We charge a £50 introductory fee in advance to organise different interviews, in person, over the phone or via webcam. Introductory fee is paid upfront, non refundable and due after you submit your application. This is the only fee the family is responsible for paying upfront to start your search. You will pay your recruitment service fee once you interview and offer the candidate the job and they accept.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitated to contact us. contact@frenchnannyuk.com


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