Nanny salary

Salary for a live-out Nanny 

Salaries will depend upon qualifications, experience and responsibilities of the nanny and will range between £13 to £15 net per hour.

Please note that each nanny position and responsibilities involved is individual and these are only the guide minimums. Usually, the full-time nanny is working for 8 to 12 hours per day. Live-out nanny works 5 days a week with 2 days off.

Please note we also inform you about the salary expectations of the candidate before the interview. This salary is based on market rates and an experienced nanny’s salary expectations.


Salary for a live-in Nanny 

Salaries for live-in experienced nannies are between £450 to £600 net per week net. The salary depends upon nanny experience, qualification and working hours and individually negotiated for each position. The family provides the nanny with a full-board: a separate accommodation and food. Live-in nanny works 5 days a week, up to 12 hours with 2 days off.


Part-time Nanny, week-end Nanny and Babysitting 

Usually earn between £14 – £20 net per hour. They work between 1 to 20 hours per week and they might work between 2 and 4 days per week. A weekend nanny might cover 24 hours as a live-in. Part-time nannies often expect the travel  to be covered by the family, however, this is negotiable with the nanny.


Rota Nanny 

Rota nannies work in a Rota system with other nannies so in other words, they’re taking turns to work, one nanny works while the other nanny is off then it rotates. The Rota nannies are required to continuously care for the children, as the parents could be working so they are there to provide constant care while the parents are at work. Rota nannies work for much longer than normal nannies, 24/7. Due to being hired by high profile families, the responsibilities may be different from an ordinary nanny.


Maternity Nurse 

Maternity nurse usually works for 24 hours, 6 days per week and stay with the family for about up to 12 weeks. Maternity nurse supports the mother and the baby for the first weeks. Maternity nurse earns between £180– £250 gross per day, please note that maternity nurses are self-employed and are responsible for their own tax and national insurance contributions.


Au Pair 

Au pairs usually live with the family they work for and are unlikely to be classed as a worker or an employee. They aren’t entitled to the National Minimum Wage or paid holidays.They’re treated as a member of the family they live with and get ‘pocket money’ instead – usually about £70 to £120 a week. Au pair doesn’t need references or experience.



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