Supporting Bilingualism: Partnership with London Bridge Lights

Welcome to the blog of French Nanny Agency UK, your dedicated agency for French nannies in London, committed to the well-being and development of your children. Today, we are excited to highlight a significant partnership with an outstanding school, “Lights of London Bridge.”



Partnership with La Marelle: Nurturing French Learning and Ethical Values

La Marelle french schoolDiscover a unique educational partnership with La Marelle: where quality French education meets values of respect, inclusion, and equality. With a dedicated team fostering confidence and engagement, and an engaged educational project making a tangible impact, join us in providing enriching experiences for children.




LONDON HOME: 40 Years of Francophone Welcome

London HomeDiscover the welcoming world of LONDON HOME: 40 years of French-speaking support in the heart of London, carried by dedicated volunteers like Florence Fusari. Build connections, share passions and celebrate with us more than four decades of history and commitment. For a thriving French-speaking community in London.




Audrey Zeitoun, life coach

Audrey Zeitoun

Discover how Audrey Zeitoun, expatriate life coach, kindly guides you through the unique challenges of expatriation. Her diverse background and training in positive psychology offer valuable support to expatriate families. Get in touch for a fulfilling expatriation today!



Exploring The Little Bilinguals of Newham

At French Nanny Agency, we are continually seeking valuable partners and resources for the benefit of our clients. We are delighted to introduce you to Les Petits Bilingues de Newham, an exceptional French school located in Plaistow, East London. This school is a treasure find for those seeking to learn French, whether it’s for themselves or their children.




Un Matin Français: London’s Bilingual School for Francophone Children

We are delighted to introduce you to Un Matin Français, an outstanding school nestled in North London. As part of the Parapluie FLAM association, this institution holds a pivotal position in the lives of Francophone families with children navigating the British education system. Un Matin Français is dedicated to enhancing the French language proficiency of children while safeguarding their cherished cultural heritage.


Why play in the park with children?

Why play in the park with childrenIn a world where children spend half their time in enclosed spaces, getting some fresh air can be crucial to their motor and social development. Playgrounds and parks are crucial places to strengthen family bonds, a love of nature and interaction with other children. […]


Playing in the bath with the baby

Playing in the bath with the babyBathing a baby is part of the daily routine for parents. Although this activity may seem trivial, with the right toys and gestures it can be transformed into a fun and educational activity. It also helps to strengthen the bond between parents and their children. […]


How to play with your baby?

How to play with your babyFrom birth, your baby is awake to the world. All he wants to do is see, touch, smell and above all, he loves to play with you! Playing allows him to gain self-confidence, to create relationships and to grow little by little. So don’t hesitate, play with your baby, taking into account his abilities. […]


The child and his imaginary friend

The child and his imaginary friendDoes it scare you that your child has an imaginary friend? This is the normal reaction of any parent when faced with a phenomenon they cannot explain. Rest assured, however, that many more children than you might think invent imaginary companions. However, in order to be able to deal with this situation and understand the reasons behind it, it is important to learn about it. […]


How to choose your sound toys?

How to choose your sound toysToys with sound develop young children’s awareness of the world. Whether it is a telephone, a doll or a musical instrument, young children’s toys are varied and attract their full attention. They are amazed by these toys and love to play with them. However, parents should be aware of the hearing problems that toddlers may have with these noisy toys. Indeed, the overamplification of sounds could be a problem. […]


Playing hide-and-seek

Playing hide-and-seekPlaying hide-and-seek is one of the first games children play. It is a group game that involves the whole family and friends. Not only is it a fun activity, but it also serves to develop many aspects of the child and strengthen the bond with parents. You just need to know how to make the most of these moments. […]


Baby’s Sleep

Baby's SleepSleep is organized and constructed from fetal life to adolescence. As a result, a baby’s sleep, which is the basis of its physical development, differs from that of an adult: absence of a day-night periodicity, night-time awakenings, etc. This is a major source of concern and exhaustion for young parents. This is a major source of worry and exhaustion for young parents. So, if you have just welcomed your first child, this article is certainly for you. How to find your way through the famous myths about baby’s sleep? […]



The benefits of napping for children

The benefits of napping for childrenWe all like to have a good nap between classes or work hours. But with the fast pace of our daily lives, it’s hard to find time for such a thing. In the small world of a baby, however, a nap is essential. It is always a good way to rest and relax. Not only is it good for a baby, but also for parents who want to have a restful time. […]



The Cuddly toy

The Cuddly toyWhether it’s to add a decorative touch to their colorful little room, or to watch them play with it, we are always bombarding our children with cuddly toys, each one cuter than the next! However, we tend to quickly notice that children become attached to a particular soft toy, which they very often refer to as their “doudou”. This famous cuddly toy (which can also be a piece of cloth or a duvet) then becomes a member of the family in its own right. But what does Doudou really mean to the child? […]



Taking Care of Baby

Taking Care of BabyWashing a baby has always been an important and delicate routine. Indeed, many mothers find it difficult to carry out the necessary care properly. Obviously, the infant needs special attention because of its fragility. Therefore, gestures as simple as giving them a bath or cleaning their ears become a little more delicate. Therefore, it is important to find out how to deal with these not-so-obvious situations. […]




How to play with your baby?

How to play with your babyFrom birth, your baby is awake to the world. All he wants to do is see, touch, smell and above all, he loves to play with you! Playing allows him to gain self-confidence, to create relationships and to grow little by little. So don’t hesitate, play with your baby, taking into account his abilities.[…]




Interacting with baby

Interacting with babyCommunicating with baby is vital to his development. It’s by encouraging baby to talk to others that he can build a solid foundation of self-esteem. Smiling, carrying and cuddling are all ways of showing baby different facets of interaction that are a perfect complement to spoken language. How do you go about it, and what are the latest discoveries in this area? […]





baby burps

Baby burpsFeeding or bottle-feeding time is a stimulating and exciting experience, but it can also be quite embarrassing for young parents. Burping and spitting up are two of the most common symptoms. Although they’re nothing to worry about, they do require a certain amount of parenting skill. Here’s everything you need to know about the subject. […]



Baby’s clothes

Baby's clothesBabies are fragile and delicate beings. That’s why everything to do with them has to be done carefully and sensitively. This ranges from the choice of feeding bottle to the choice of clothes. It’s not enough to The most important thing is quality, safety and comfort. […]




Potty training

Potty trainingBaby nappies are hard work for parents. They can’t wait for their child to be potty trained. But be careful, they need to take their child’s pace into account, and not rush potty training. Each child has its own age of physiological and psychological maturity. Generally speaking, a child is ready for the potty training stage between the ages of 2 and 4. Here’s some advice on how to make this important transition a success. […]





Infant and Young Child Eczema

Infant and Young Child EczemaThe first few years of life are a critical period in a child’s development, during which they are particularly susceptible to infections and inflammation in general, especially of the skin. These days, eczema in infants and young children is one of the most common conditions to cause concern among parents and raise a whole host of questions. […]





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