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French Nanny Agency LondonFrench Nanny Agency UK is a unique agency offering a placement service providing high calibre and extremely proficient french speaking nannies for families residing in the UK. French Nanny Agency London

Miss Lehchili founded the  agency after  12 years experience caring for children from newborn to 6 years old. She holds 2  Degrees, one in accounting  and another in caring for children with special needs and  wanted to help families find their perfect match.

Being a nanny is an incredibly personal  but rewarding job, unlike any other. You’re responsible for the most important things in people’s lives, their children. And I am sure we have the right one for you.


  • Tuning in to your needs

we are aware that the situation of each of our parents is unique, which is why we carefully assess your needs and your environment, making sure your expectations are met.


  • We check each of our applicants by the following  process:

  1. Registration
  2. Two years minimum experience
  3. Two recent references that we meticulously check
  4. First Aid Assistance Certificate
  5. Verification of the  DBS check
  6. Passport or other identity document check.
  7. Driver’s license
  8. Verification of all qualifications and certificates


  • Ours candidates 

French Nanny Agency UK has a vast database exclusively comprised of trained and experienced candidates, with excellent recommendations and most often multilingual to adapt to your culture and traditions.


  • Why choose one of our  nannies 

Your nanny will have the above qualifications and love and care for your child but – should you wish – will introduce them gently to another language at an early age, to enable them to take this invaluable gift with them as they start their school years.


  • Monitoring nannies

This last step is very important and makes our approach unique. After the placement of our nanny, we contact the family and our candidate to assess the employment relationship. We offer post-placement support so whatever your concerns, we will always be there to help.

Recruiting domestic staff in complete safety, discretion and confidence is not easy, that is why French Nanny Agency UK is your contact to entrust this mission which requires time, experience thoroughness. French Nanny Agency London French Nanny Agency London

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