About us

Best Nanny AgencyFrench Nanny Agency UK | London is an agency that provides French-speaking nannies to families living in the UK.

In 2024, our agency boasts over 18 years of collective expertise in the field of childcare. Founded by Miss Lehchili in 2018, our journey began with her remarkable 12-year history in nurturing and tending to children aged from newborns to 6 years old. This accumulation of knowledge and hands-on experience positions us as trusted leaders in the childcare sector, dedicated to helping families find their ideal childcare solutions.

« Being a nanny is an incredibly personal  but rewarding job, unlike any other. You’re responsible for the most important things in people’s lives, their children. And I am sure we have the right one for you. »

We understand that each of our clients has a unique situation, which is why we conduct a thorough assessment of your requirements and your living environment to ensure that we meet your expectations.

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When French Nanny Agency was established, our primary focus was on providing French nannies. However, due to our success and growing demand, we made the decision to expand our services. We now have multilingual nannies from various parts of the world registered with us.
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We meticulously vet each of our applicants through the following process:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Minimum of Two Years’ Experience Required
  3. Thoroughly Vetted Recent References
  4. Certified in First Aid Assistance
  5. Verified DBS Background Check
  6. Identity Document Validation (Passport or Equivalent)
  7. Valid Driver’s License
  8. Verification of Academic and Professional Certifications
  9. Settled, Pre-settled Status, or Valid UK Work Visa Mandatory for Eligibility


At French Nanny Agency, our extensive database consists exclusively of well-trained and experienced candidates, often with multilingual abilities to adapt to your culture and traditions. We aim to provide you with highly qualified and culturally versatile nannies to meet your specific needs.

Why choose one of our  nannies

French NannyYour nanny will have the above qualifications and love and care for your child but – should you wish – will introduce them gently to another language at an early age, to enable them to take this invaluable gift with them as they start their school years.

Once you’ve registered with French Nanny Agency UK, our team takes care of all the time-consuming groundwork on your behalf, leveraging our experience and expertise. We will:

  1. Create a customised report based on your specific requirements.
  2. Conduct all relevant initial nanny checks and interviews.
  3. Present you with a portfolio of carefully selected candidates whose profiles align with your criteria.

Recruiting domestic staff with the utmost safety, discretion, and confidence can be challenging. That’s why French Nanny Agency is the trusted partner to whom you can entrust this mission, as it demands time, experience, and thoroughness.



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