All of the team members at French Nanny Agency  UK are former nannies. We understand how important it is to find the perfect position. We are here to guide you to make this happen!




If you want to register with French Nanny Agency U.K you need differents requirements :

  1. C-V
  2. Photo
  3. Passport or ID
  4. Work permit or visa if relevant
  5. Proof of address
  6. Minimun of 2 contactable references except au pairs
  7. Enhanced DBS check maximum one year old
  8. Valid first Aid certificate maximum three years old
  9. Original of all qualifications and certificates
  10. Settled or pre-settled status (or right to work in the UK visa) needed


Skills and knowledge

  1. Patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  2. Sensitivity and understanding
  3. The ability to work on your own
  4. To be flexible and open to change
  5. The ability to work well with others
  6. Excellente verbal communication skills
  7. The ability to understand people’s reactions
  8. Thinking and reasoning skills


Nannies tasks

  1. Feeding, bathing and dressing children, and changing nappies
  2. Teaching basic social skills and hygiene
  3. Providing a safe environment
  4. Helping children to learn through play
  5. Going out with children to widen their experiences
  6. Doing nursery and school runs
  7. Planning interesting things to do
  8. Taking children to medical appointments and other activities
  9. Organising play opportunities to help children mix with others
  10. Preparing healthy meals and snacks
  11. Tidying up and cleaning rooms used by the children
  12. Record-keeping for the family


The nannies placed by our agency have no fees to pay because the costs are borne by families.
On the other hand we offer a unique services created by French nanny agency U.K you can go on our page nanny services for more information : Services



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