Our nannies

French Nanny London60% of our nannies care recruited by sponsorship because our staff is made up of domestic worker. French Nanny London

However we also recruit by spontaneous application.


We check each of our applications by the following process:

  1. Registration
  2. Two years minimum experience
  3. Two recent references that we meticulously check
  4. First Aid Assistance Certificate
  5. Verification of the  DBS check
  6. Passport or other identity document check.
  7. Driver’s license
  8. Verification of all qualifications and certificates

French Nanny London

Why choose one of our  nannies 

French  Nanny Agency UK believe in the benefits of immersing children in a bilingual environment. In a world where everything is more and more connected and globalized, knowing how to speak more than one language is essential today. The obvious advantage is of course being able to communicate easily with as many people as possible, which is an invaluable gift. Speaking and understanding a foreign language also gives you access to cultural resources that you would not understand without translation such as literature, music or film. As a result, learning a foreign language gives you all the keys to immerse yourself in a different culture, enrich you and allow you to travel. In addition to these evidences, knowing how to speak and understand two or more languages ​​has other advantages that you surely do not doubt.

In the world, the OIF estimates the number of French speakers to 274 million on the five continents, of which 212 million make daily use. The language of Molière is the 5th most spoken language in the world, the 4th language of the Internet and the 3rd language of business in the world. And where is the official language? At present, 29 sovereign states recognize French in their constitution, including 13 as a single official language and 16 as a co-official language.


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