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Nanny Agency LondonAre you looking for a new Nanny? Whether it is a live-in nanny, full-time nanny, part-time nanny, nanny-housekeeper, after school babysitter, weekend babysitter or night maternity nurse, French Nanny Agency UK’s personal approach ensures we get it right every time.

When French Nanny Agency UK was born we specialised in french nannies. Due to our success and our sponsorship system, we decided to expand and now have multi lingual Nannies from all over the world registered with us.


You can find : please click on links below 

  1. English nannies
  2. Spanish nannies
  3. Italian nannies
  4. German nannies
  5. Russian nannies
  6. Arabic nannies
  7. Japanese nannies
  8. Mandarin nannies
  9. Dutch nannies
  10. Swedish nannies
  11. Danish nannies
  12. Norwegian nannies
  13. Portuguese nannies
  14. Filipino nannies
  15. Greek nannies


When you need to hire a nanny, our Agency is the one to help you. If you need a nanny who speaks a second language and nannies with the best backgrounds please feel free to fill the Register form for parents.

Our agency can be a great way to get access to the perfect nanny for you. Instead of having to search for an independent care provider who may not have the references and medical licensing that you require, nanny agencies have standards that their employees must meet. Our agency is a great way to get access to well-trained, competent nannies that can give your child the love and care that they deserve.


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