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Are you in search of a new nanny to meet your childcare needs? Whether you require a live-in nanny, full-time nanny, part-time nanny, nanny-housekeeper, after-school babysitter, weekend babysitter, or a night maternity nurse, French Nanny Agency UK offers a personalized approach to ensure a perfect match every time.

Originally specializing in French nannies, French Nanny Agency UK has expanded its horizons due to our remarkable success and strong recommendation system. Now, we proudly have a diverse roster of multilingual nannies hailing from around the globe, all registered with us.


Discover a variety of nanny options below:

  1. English nannies     –    Norland Nanny Agency
  2. Spanish nannies    –    Spanish Maternity Nurse
  3. Italian nannies       –    Italian Maternity Nurse
  4. German nannies
  5. Russian nannies
  6. Arabic nannies
  7. Japanese nannies
  8. Mandarin nannies
  9. Dutch nannies
  10. Swedish nannies
  11. Danish nannies
  12. Norwegian nannies
  13. Portuguese nannies
  14. Filipino nannies
  15. Greek nannies



When you’re in need of nanny services, our agency is your ideal partner. If you’re seeking a nanny fluent in a second language with exceptional qualifications, please don’t hesitate to complete our parent registration form.

Our agency simplifies the process of finding the perfect nanny for your family. Instead of scouring for independent caregivers who may lack the necessary references and medical certifications, our nanny agency maintains strict standards that all our nannies must meet. Choose our agency to access well-trained, competent nannies who will provide your child with the love and care they truly deserve.

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