How to choose your sound toys?

How to choose your sound toysToys with sound develop young children’s awareness of the world. Whether it is a telephone, a doll or a musical instrument, young children’s toys are varied and attract their full attention. They are amazed by these toys and love to play with them. However, parents should be aware of the hearing problems that toddlers may have with these noisy toys. Indeed, the overamplification of sounds could be a problem.

How to choose a sound toy?

Small children often stick their ears to the loudspeakers of toys. This exposes their auditory system to problems. So how do you choose the right toys? The good news is that you don’t have to systematically ban sound toys. Advice:

– Before buying a sound toy, ask yourself if the noise it makes is really necessary.
– Try to choose toys with adjustable sounds.
– Choose toys that produce sounds mechanically. That is, the child has to squeeze or shake to hear the sound.
– For rattles, test them before you buy. Shake them at a distance of 10 cm from your child’s ear. This will give you an idea of ​​how loud the noise is.
– For musical instruments, the presence of sounds is justified. The same applies to interactive games.

Tip: When buying sound toys, choose quality and variety over abundance.


What are the best sounding toys for my child?

Sound toys should be chosen according to your child’s developmental level.

The rattle is the first sound toy to give to your child. He will be able to touch it, chew on it and appreciate all its colors. Test the sound before buying it. Also, it should not be too big or too heavy for your child.

After the rattle, you can move on to noisemakers and squeakers.

Like the rattle and the squeaker, the musical mobile is a must-have. It is hung above the baby’s bed and its music is operated by remote control. The music can be melodic or natural sounds. However, it should be removed as soon as the baby is old enough to access it. Also make sure that your baby has quiet breaks when listening to this musical mobile.

Musical instruments are available in specialized shops for babies and small children. For example, you can choose a xylophone, a drum, or bells. Music is vital for your child’s development.

Whether it’s a board, a gantry, or a mat, this popular toy solicits various skills in your child: pressing, spinning, sliding, …. The sounds are produced mechanically.

With sound imagiers, your baby has his first book with which he discovers animals and their corresponding sounds.

Our era has seen the emergence of electronic sound toys. These toys are battery-operated. The sounds are made by pressing buttons. The best toys are those with a volume control and a stop function.


Preventing hearing problems

Your child certainly enjoys playing with his or her sound toys. In order not to spoil this fun with hearing problems, take the following precautions:

– Do not buy too many noisy toys. Quiet toys are also interesting and help to develop your child’s imagination.
– Turn down the volume of the sound toy as much as possible.
– If the loudspeaker is too loud, tap it down.
– After a period of noisy play, give your child a quiet break. Give them a quiet game for example. He or she will concentrate and enjoy the silence.


Be careful, as no toy is free of danger. Pay particular attention to its features when you buy it. And don’t forget that the best sound and music toy for your child is you, with whom he or she can interact freely and lovingly.

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