How to play with your baby?

How to play with your baby

From birth, your baby is awake to the world. All he wants to do is see, touch, smell and above all, he loves to play with you! Playing allows him to gain self-confidence, to create relationships and to grow little by little. So don’t hesitate, play with your baby, taking into account his abilities.



The benefits of play for babies

Play contributes to your baby’s development. It allows him to develop his senses through the perception of colours, textures, sounds and shapes. It also allows him to develop physically (when he moves, he perfects his muscles) and intellectually.

Through play, his personality is strengthened and he interacts with you and his environment.


Games for a baby from 0 to 3 months

Heart to Heart: Choose soft music and hold your baby to your breast. Rock your baby gently back and forth to the melody. The smell of your skin, the beat of your heart and the rhythm of the music will amaze your baby. This gentle game helps your baby to develop his sense of balance.
Gentle petting: gently stroke your baby with a feather or soft fur. Touch his face and arms. These beautiful sensations will help your baby to become aware of his body. You can also massage your baby with a sweet-smelling oil.
Pedal motion: during the nappy change, give your baby a pedal motion. This way, he can feel his body in motion.
Show your baby stimulating scenery to look at and listen to, such as beautiful colourful objects that move and make sounds.


Games for a baby from 3 to 6 months

At this age your baby is developing motor skills in his hands, arms and legs. To support your baby’s development, follow these tips:

Provide your baby with plastic or cloth doughnut-shaped objects large enough to grasp.
Place your baby in a play position on a blanket or mat. He will want to stand up, which helps him build up his neck and back muscles. Place an unbreakable mirror on the wall at the height of your baby, this will attract more attention.
Sit your baby on your lap, holding his lower back. This will help your baby develop trunk control and learn to sit up.


Games for a baby from 6 to 12 months

At this age your baby sits up and enjoys more active play. He participates happily and imitates sounds. He or she will grab any object available and put it in the mouth. Here are some games that are well suited to him:

Provide your baby with a container full of objects: he will have fun taking them out and putting them back in. This will allow him to practise grasping and releasing the objects.
When he is crawling, have fun chasing him. He’ll be delighted to see you on the floor with him.
Play the peek-a-boo game. Hide your face behind your hands and then make it reappear. He’ll enjoy it, because at this age he’s beginning to grasp the concept of object permanence.

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