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Partnership with La Marelle: Nurturing French Learning and Ethical Values
La Marelle french schoolIntroduction:
We are proud to introduce an enriching partnership with an exceptional educational institution: La Marelle. Established in 2008 by Francophone parents who sought to provide their children with quality French education, La Marelle embodies values of respect, inclusion, and equality. As a nanny agency, we are thrilled to collaborate with a school that shares our commitment to educational excellence and the well-being of children.
Shared Values:
At La Marelle, quality teaching is combined with principles of respect, inclusion, and equality. Students benefit from a positive learning environment that fosters confidence and active participation. This approach not only promotes knowledge acquisition but also cultivates a climate of trust and mutual respect between students and teachers.
Dedicated Team:
All staff members at La Marelle are French speakers with a high level of proficiency in English. Each member of the teaching team holds an enhanced DBS certificate (criminal record check) and receives specific pedagogical training from both Parapluie FLAM and FLAM Monde. This passionate team collaborates to share their knowledge, skills, and passion, providing each student with a rewarding educational experience.
Engaged Educational Project:
In addition to French language instruction, La Marelle is committed to concrete actions that bring solutions to social issues. This year, La Marelle spearheaded a project where students from more than 40 schools wrote Christmas cards to nearly 2,000 old people living in retirement homes in France to help strengthen the intergenerational fabric.
Our partnership with La Marelle represents more than just an educational collaboration. It is an alliance built on shared values and a commitment to children’s development and a better future. We look forward to continuing our work together to provide children with enriching and empowering educational experiences.
For more information, please visit La Marelle’s website:
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