Ofsted registered nanny

How to become an Ofsted registered nanny

Ofsted registered nanny

There are five differents steps to become Ofsted registered:

  1. Complete an Enhanced DBS check (available 1 year)
  2. Paediatric First Aid Training (available 3 years)
  3. Common Core Skills & Knowledge Training (all life available)
  4. Public Liability Insurance (available 1 year)
  5. Ofsted register as a nanny or au pair (available 1 year)


Step 1 : Enhanced DBS Check

As an individual you can’t apply for an Enhanced DBS check.

An individual cannot apply for their own Enhanced or Standard DBS check – only organisations can apply for these types of checks if the positions are eligible. If, as a self-employed individual, you require one, depending on the sector you work within and if you meet the criteria, you can do so through the Local Authority or governing body of the industry you will be working in.


Step 2 : Paediatric First Aid

In order to become an Ofsted registered nanny candidates are required to complete a Paediatric First Aid that covers all the necessary requirements for registration on the Ofsted voluntary childcare register.


Step 3 : Common Core Skills and Knowledge Training

To become Ofsted registered, nannies are required to complete a course that covers the Common Core Skills. It is available all your life.


Step 4 : Public Liability Insurance

French Nanny Agency UK recommend using Nanny Insure. They provide a comprehensive insurance policy especially designed for Nannies.


Step 5 : Ofsted register as a nanny or au pair

You can register with Ofsted as a nanny or au pair to look after children in their own home. After completing the first four steps, you would then pay £103 to register with Ofsted. Please find enclosed the gouvernement website.



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