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Spanish Nanny AgencyOur Spanish  nanny agency offers you a very high quality service. Our Spanish nannies are rigorously selected, trained and are very competent. With our qualified and experienced team of nannies, we guarantee you solutions that adapt to your daily life.

We are one of the leading nanny agencies in the UK. We have an in-depth interview procedure with all of our professional nannies before presenting them to our clients. We ensure that we thoroughly check our nannies references and education background as well as insisting that they hold a DBS. We also insure that all our nannies have first aid  and qualifications.

We are aware of the diversity of expectations and the uniqueness of each child. Therefore, our service adapts to your needs. We will offer you a qualified and competent nanny who will ensure the well-being of your child.

Being a nanny is much more than a job, it is a discipline; it is your trust that we gain through the protection, education and good care of your children. It’s a blossoming in a professional practice.

The Spanish-speaking childcare with a Spanish nanny is a childcare full of surprises! It’s a real plus in language learning. Generally, the most popular language is English, but many parents are starting to think seriously about Spanish! Over 25 countries speak Spanish! Second most spoken language in the world, it is present on the European and South American continent! If your child masters this language he will see all his chances increased for his future!

Having a Spanish nanny is a pledge of new discoveries. Learning a language is a richness that pushes your child to open up to new culture. Spanish language is the third language, in the world of work.

The earlier Spanish  language is learned, the easier it will be for the child to learn it later. Children have a great ability to adapt. Learning a language from a young age will seem simple and natural to him. Much more than if we adults started learning a foreign language. Learning a language as a child is an opportunity to make learning fun and fun. This intelligent awakening allows better learning and gives pleasure to your child!

We check each of our applicants by the following  process:

  1. Registration
  2. Two years minimum experience
  3. Two recent references that we meticulously check
  4. First Aid Assistance Certificate
  5. Verification of the  DBS check
  6. Passport or other identity document check.
  7. Driver’s license
  8. Verification of all qualifications and certificates


Our Nannies can help you with:

  1. Nannies nurseries duties
  2. School runs
  3. Supervising playdates
  4. Reading stories and Spanish language development
  5. Helping with homework
  6. Preparing meals and snacks
  7. Playing games that encourage language development
  8. Organising day trips to museums and galleries
  9. Encouraging your children to learn arts, crafts, musical instruments …
  10. Taking the children to parks and playgrounds


If you wish to interview our candidates, just register and fill in our Registration form for parents.



Luna, hired a Spanish nanny from London Bridge

Lamya is one of the most genuine, kindhearted people you could only wish to have an opportunity to work with. Her sincerity and passion for placing the perfect fitting nanny for each family is impeccable. She cares just as much for her nannies as she does her families, and I don’t think she’ll ever get enough praise on that aspect alone. Would never use any other nanny agency.


Paola, spanish speaking nanny in London

« Stop looking to other agency’s French Nanny Agency is the best nanny agency in London. I have so many wonderful things to say about Lamya. I have been a nanny for 2 years in Columbia and 12 years in London and never had a agency treat me so well! She took her time to listen to what I needed and what I looked for in a family. A week later I was hired and I am so happy she found the perfect family for me. I recommend all families looking for nanny and nannies looking for a family to put your trust on Lamya. She will keep in touch periodically to make sure you are happy and are always available. She helped me with the contract, questions and negotiations, she was fair and knowledgeable! The position that I’m right now is my dream job, I already can see years and years working with this family. Thank you Lamya. »

5/5 - (78 votes)


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